Fusion 7 Pro Save 10%!

Designed for advanced users, developers, QA, and IT.

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$79.99 $71.99Upgrade

Fusion 7 Save 10%!

The ultimate Windows on Mac experience.

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Workstation 11 Save 10%!

Leading Edge PC Virtualization.

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Player 7 Pro Save 10%!

Streamlined PC Virtualization for Business.

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vSphere Essentials Kit

The most cost-effective virtualization solution.

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vSphere Essentials Plus Kit

Reduce hardware costs and deliver high availability.

VMware vSphere Essentials Kit Term

Reduce hardware costs with minimal investment.

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vSphere Standard

Virtualization and business continuity.

vSphere with Operations Management Standard

Virtualization with consistent management from apps to storage.



Log Insight

Automated log management and analytics.


vCenter Server Foundation

Provides management of vSphere deployments up to 3 nodes.

vCenter Site Recovery Manager

Automates disaster recover of virtual environments.



Horizon Flex

Deliver a reliable Windows experience to Mac users and contractors.



Horizon View Standard

Simplified desktop and application management.

Horizon Enterprise

Desktops & applications with closed-loop management & automation.

Socialcast by VMware

A private social network for businesses.

Fusion Versus Parallels
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