VMware Workstation 12 Pro

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Leading Edge PC Virtualization.

VMware Workstation 12 Pro* takes advantage of the latest hardware and software to replicate server, desktop and tablet environments in a virtual machine. Workstation helps Instructors, students, and technical professionals automate and streamline virtualization tasks to work smarter, save time, and learn more in an education environment:

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  • · Run the latest operating systems, including Windows 10 Technical Preview and new Linux distributions like Ubuntu 14.10, OpenSUSE 13.2, CentOS 7, and many more without rebooting.
  • · Rapidly create restricted virtual machines for students, with all the lessons, applications, and tools required for the course within a secure, isolated sandbox.
  • · Easily roll back to a trusted state when students overwrite needed files. Revert automatically to a "clean" state, making the virtual machine immediately available for the next set of students.

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* Workstation 12 Pro requires a 64-bit processor and 64-bit host operating system

Retail Price:  $249.99   Academic Price: $149.99
Upgrade:  $149.99  Academic Upgrade: $89.99

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VMware Workstation 12 Player

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Streamlined Virtualization for Education.

VMware Workstation 12 Player* provides a streamlined user interface for creating, running, and evaluating operating systems and applications in a virtual machine on Windows or Linux PCs. With its intuitive interface and easy setup, VMware Workstation 12 Player is the easiest way to deliver a virtual desktop to your students:

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Support hundreds of Windows and Linux guest operating systems – old and new - so you can continue to run the education applications you need in a virtual machine for as long as you want.

  • ·Run restricted virtual machines created by VMware Workstation 12 Pro or Fusion 8 Pro. Restricted virtual machines secure desktops with encryption, runtime password protection, USB access restriction, isolation between the host and guest OS, and time limitations.
  • ·Optimized to run on today's modern computers including the latest PC laptops, tablets, and workstations. You'll get support for HD audio, tablet sensors, high-DPI display, Bluetooth and SATA drives, making it easy to take advantage of the latest hardware in a virtual machine.

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* Workstation 12 Player requires a 64-bit processor and 64-bit host operating system

Retail Price: $149.99  Academic Price: $79.99
  $79.99  Academic Upgrade: $49.99

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VMware Essentials Plus


VMware vSphere Essentials Plus Kit provides an all-in-one solution for small businesses to virtualize their physical servers and reduce hardware costs while ensuring superior high application availability and data protection.

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VMware vSphere Essentials Plus Kit for academic use includes all the benefits of Essentials and:

  • · VMware vSphere Storage Appliance for Essentials Plus
  • ·VMware Data Protection
  • ·VMware High Availability (HA)
  • ·VMware vMotion
  • ·VMware vStorage APIs
  • ·VMware vShield Zones
  • ·VMware vShield Endpoint
  • ·VMware Replication

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This license is only for Academic Use. Price including VAT.
Retail Price:  $5,439.00  Academic Price: $3,263.00

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