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Per Incident Support - Player Pro

Per Incident Support - Player Pro

Obtain access to a Technical Support Engineer via phone or web.
VMware offers technical support for VMware Player Pro on a per-incident basis. Choose from economical one, three or five incident packs. You’ll have access to:

  • A technical engineer by telephone and email who will respond to you within 12 business hours
  • Documentation, Knowledge Base articles and discussion forums through the VMware web site

Before purchasing per incident support, VMware highly recommends that you take advantage of VMware's online knowledge base, documentation and discussion forums – complimentary resources that may lead directly to the answers needed!

VMware per-incident support is valid for one year after purchase and does not include product updates or upgrades. Per-Incident Support is non-refundable; please see Terms and Conditions for details.
Please note an incident cannot be credited back or refunded even if the issue was resolved without help from technical support engineer (for example: finding the answer in the product documentation, knowledge base or on your own).

Follow this link to learn how to purchase and file Pay Per Incident Support. Please also be sure to review our Support Life Cycle Policy.

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