Workstation 15 Pro

Leading Edge PC Virtualization

VMware Workstation 15 Pro is the pinnacle of local desktop virtualization designed for IT Professionals, Developers and Businesses who build, test, demo and work with software and applications on nearly any x86 platform.

Workstation 15

Features a completely rebuilt UI to fully support 4K and HiDPI displays on both Host and Guests. With over 500 new icons, Workstation has never looked this good!

Windows 10, Ubuntu 18.04 and Fedora 28

Added guest and host support for the latest Windows 10 updates, and the most popular Linux distributions, including GTK3 and new Wayland support.


Automate VM lifecycle operations, manage host virtual networks and more with JSON over HTTP/S. Perfect for rapid development and testing, and for incorporating Workstation into a Continuous Development and Testing pipeline.

Performance and Security

Workstation 15 includes an improved graphics engine with DirectX 10.1 features, delivering more performance and new capabilities, while also tackling serious security issues like Spectre, Meltdown and L1TF.

"I didn't expect Workstation, VMware's oldest product, to surprise me anymore. Maybe the biggest surprise is that although it's considered a desktop product, it has some serious enterprise credentials and uses."

Tom Fenton - Virtualization Review - 09/07/2017